Getting it right the first time is one of the hallmarks of excellence, which is an enviable quality to be desired by many workers. This level of excellence can be achieved by anyone; all they need is to renew their mindset by studying those who are reputable for excellence.

Some of these people were mentioned in the greatest book of all time- The Bible; the likes of King Solomon, King David, Joseph, Daniel, etc. knew the principles of success and prospered by them.

G.S.R’s “Working Excellently” packs are special packs that contain messages on the principles of success for anyone to relate with, that would propel people from mediocrity to greater levels of excellence and even from great levels of excellence to even the greatest levels.

It contains messages in every format from the Word that is guaranteed to help anyone excel at his/her job and touch lives.



GSR is open to the participation of all interested individuals or corporate organizations, regardless of geographical location.

You can get involved by partnering with GSR today, also by joining the volunteer team; those who help facilitate successful outreaches, mentorship programs and distribution exercise to designated centers. Or even by simply purchasing of working excellently packs for personal distribution.



  • An assurance of excellence, being a first beneficiary
  • An opportunity to bless lives all around the world, now and for eternity
  • There’s a heavenly blessing that comes to you for being a helper to others.
  • Opportunity of tagging your sponsored copies with your name, or your company name.
  • Special recognition and awards
  • Invitation to distribution events and activities.